Fred Vos' hobby projects and open source software.


2013-03-20 Added first cheat sheet

Started to make my notes public with first cheat sheet. This one is for simple admin tasks in PostgreSQL under Linux.

2012-11-04 Start of a new site

A new site replaces the very outdated old site. The site is an HTML5 site, but still uses a lot of XHTML 1.0 constructs. I'm learning HTML5. As I learn more, I'll use more and more HTML5 constructs.

The new site has a new clean and simple look and uses a simple CMS that I built myself: FCMSJ, which stands for Freds Content Management System for Java. There are hundreds of CMSs, but I couldn't find one as simple as the one I built, with all features I needed and only the features I needed. Since I like developing software, the process of making the CMS was fun.

The site is empty. I need to convert some content from the old site to this site and add a lot more content. Currently I'm using a static dump from my CMS.

What's Mokolo?

Mokolo is a village in the North of Cameroon. It's a beautiful place. The domain name is chosen because of my love for Africa.